Rod Wave – “Pray 4 Love” (Official Music Video)

For all the lovers of therapeutic, potently scripted hip-hop, Rod Wave’s got you covered with his latest release.

This hearty effort will be featured on his highly anticipated album Pray 4 Me and follows up from his 2019 debut Ghetto Gospel. He keeps the aura true to his premier gifting this record narrative, lyricism and melody.

Check it out above.

Ikonic lyrics:

Get on my knees everyday, I ask God and prayed
That my dirty ways don’t leave me to an early grave
One life to live and it’s survival of the f****n’ fittest
Here come your rivals, when you winnin’, they want competition
And did I mention niggas itchin’ to be opposition?
Hit they blocks with Glocks, with the extensions, now ain’t no tension

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