Ikonic Album Review: Jessie Reyez ‘BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US’

Jessie Reyez finally releases her highly anticipated debut album BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US laced in 14 tracks amid features from Eminem and 6LACK but she carries the bulk of the album alone. Previously featured for her classic EP’s like 2017’s Kiddo and 2018’s Grammy nominated EP Being Human in Public. She’s kept a consistent, nationally celebrated momentum and this debut effort listens like time well spent.

She opens the album with “DO YOU LOVE HER” she sings:

I should’ve fucked your friends
It would’ve been the best revenge for the fire that you started
I’m trying to heal, but it’s a process
They told me I should cut my losses
But there’s a stranger where my heart is

What a brawny opening but we’d expect nothing less from this notoriously intrepid soul.

The first couple opening tracks listen with her fabled, audacious, poetic lyricism from wickedly astounding tracks like “COFFIN” featuring Eminem to impressive Spanish delivered ballads like “LA MEMORIA.” Towards the end of the project though, she shows off her unparalleled versatility with the vogue-likely, rave worthy single “DOPE,” a high energy club anthem. It’s a huge, yet pleasant shift. However, right after that record she slows it back down a bit with “KILL US,” another diary-like offering from the Toronto gem.

She croons:

I know nobody gets outta love alive
We either break up when we’re young
Or we say goodbye when we die
For a moment at least I know
You were mine and it was beautiful
But winter comes and roses don’t survive

How profoundly poetic and stunningly descriptive. “KILL US” is a record of hopeless romantic realities and clearly emphasizes the album’s titling.

This body of work swells with blunt truths, relational empowerment, personal evolution and genius experimentation.

She concludes the project with her wildly revered tune “Figures,” which originally surfaced on her 2017 EP Kiddo but it’s a timeless record, one that details the perils of love and giving your all with nothing in return – it’s a true soundtrack of paralyzing pain and cognizance.

Overall, BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US, is not only majestically executed and produced but therapeutic on myriad levels. Reyez, like an experienced therapist, gifts each tune a different narrative with a similar theme – love, pain and recovery.

Take a listen below.

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