Talib Kweli & D Smoke Talk Rhythm + Flow, Snoop Dogg, ‘Black Habits’ | People’s Party Full Episode

D Smoke, a frequently featured artist on The Ikon, takes to the ‘People’s Party’ with Talib Kweli to discuss hip-hop, Inglewood, Black Habits, the meaning of success, Snoop Dogg and his musical roots.

More than the victor of season one of Netflix’s series ‘Rhythm + Flow,’ D Smoke represents the best makings of true lyricism and true story telling. He’s a bar-smith that’s ahead of his time yet right on time.

D Smoke as an artist and as a person gifts us eloquence amid grit and intellect amid relatable humanness.

His interviews are always intuitive and professional. It’s great to witness a discussion between a legendary hip-hop heavy hitter and a legend in the making; check it out above.

Listen to D Smoke’s two projects Inglewood High and Black Habits below alongside some of his dope visuals as well.

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