John Lindahl Gifts Us a Stunning Acoustic Version of His Popular Single “Honest”

Last featured for his candid tune “Lies,” John Lindahl returns with the acoustic version of his fan favored single “Honest.” Of the acoustic release he tells Instagram, “… I love allowing songs to take on a new form and I hope you enjoy the acoustic version of “Honest.

The Def Jam signed singer and songwriter proves his raw vocal capabilities amid his knack for the keys during this stunning rendition.

It’s the infectious melody of the hook paralleled by the smooth ride of his self granted production that gifts this version a slightly more potent take than its original.

He sings, “Tell me do he really do good with his promise
I don’t really f*** with him I’m honest
And baby it ain’t really me if I ain’t honest, yeah tell your boy to get gone I’m the one that you want

Take a listen above.

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