Lucky Daye “Love You Too Much” (Live Performance) | Genius Open Mic

Soul music is a necessary genre, a medley of melodies, wide ranges and unapologetic emotion. Some artists, like this New Orleans native, reiterate the need for good RnB music.

Lucky Daye delivers a faultless performance of one of his Grammy-nominated Painted album fan favorites “Love You Too Much,” a nostalgic, heavy-hearted ballad.

He sings, “I can’t afford those losses
That’s just my ego talkin’
You make heart beat for you
I almost cry to often (too often)

It’s impressive that his live takes listen just like the originals.

This unfiltered, fervent, soul shaking performance forces listeners to fall in love with this record all over again.

Check it out above.

Listen to Painted below.

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