Miss Ikonic’s Dream List Of Artist Collaborations, Part 3

In a world of perfect musical collaborations, I would love to hear the following artists create music together.

The DJ Khaledโ€™s and Missy Elliotโ€™s of the world truly possess this level of artist collaborative power, but hey, a girl can dream. I’m just putting this out into the universe.

Below I have created a super ikonic list that incorporates mainstream artists and indie artists as well.

Check it out below.

  1. John Lindahl & Devvon Terrell: These two would create orgasmic RnB music together. Both artists are young, vibrant and unapologetically creative.

2. Lola Brooke, Mulatto, Tokyo Jetz & BEANZ: Bars, bars, bars and more bars amid a pleasant dash of sexy. Each one of these rising emcees are not only trailblazing their own lanes but doing so fearlessly.

3. Riley Lanez & Savannah Cristina: Soul music. Good soul music didn’t die off in the 90’s and early 2000’s. This generation is still cultivating records that listen with raw emotion and these two gems do that flawlessly

4. Lucky Daye & Teddy Swims: These two would make undeniable RnB hits together.

5. Ama Lou & Bibi Bourelly: This would be what grungy, boldness and therapeutic narratives listen like amid two faultless and peculiar vocal performances.

6. ilham & Bia: Hip-hop with a modern and unique twist. These two create different but complimentary vibes.

7. J Hus & Brent Faiyaz: The UK meets Maryland. Rap music collides with 90’s reminiscent RnB. New school and old school on one collaborative front – ikonic.

8. iyla & Kiana Ledรฉ: This would be interesting, trust me.

9. Mick Jenkins & D Smoke: Lyrically this record would be simply bananas! Inglewood, CA meets the deep, deep south.

10. Anthony Flammia & Aaryan Shah: These two creatives approach the sonic arts differently but in their music both artists delve into the deepest pits of their soul to tell their personal narratives through candid lyricism.

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