D Smoke Releases the Official Visual to “Gaspar Yanga” feat. Snoop Dogg

Today, as promised, D Smoke premiers the official visual to “Gaspar Yanga” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Philosophical not only by nature but in his intent, D Smoke titles the record after Gaspar Yanga, known as the Primer Libertador de America or “first liberator of the Americas.” In the late 1500’s Yanga led one of colonial Mexico’s first successful slave uprisings and would go on to establish one of the Americas earliest free black settlements (Escamilla, L. (2009, March 29).

In this record, although D Smoke is not physically leading a rebellion, he laces this record in proud grit and heroism amid an overwhelming love for his Inglewood roots.

Both D Smoke and Yanga share leadership qualities, nonconformist ideals and a trailblazer mentality.

The Sergio directed visual starts off with D Smoke being shot while attempting to walk up to a drug dealer and the visual ends in a smokey retaliation.

Check it out above.

Ikonic lyrics:

“I still do this s*** for the love, but add another zero
A hero, in my city I’m Diddy mixed with Rico
Strong, I throw this d*** at my lady like it’s a free throw
Long time mi love you, designed by heat and struggle
With poem rhymes, I bubble, I grind these motherf*****s
They never seen nothin’ like me


Escamilla, L. (2009, March 29) Gaspar Yanga (c. 1545- ?). Retrieved from https://www.blackpast.org/global-african-history/yanga-gaspar-c-1545/

Listen to Black Habits below.

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