Hopsin Makes Light in the Dark Times with New Record “Covid Mansion”

A mansion in Thailand seems like a pretty cool place to be quarantined but it’s all social-distancing nonetheless.

Hopsin releases a mansion shot visual to his new track led by some dark piano melodies as he tiptoes through the production flawlessly. It’s a record of colorful yet inky banter to shed a little light amid some humorous undertones on the world in its dark “Rona” times.

He raps, “Now there just ain’t many plans I can move on, all because someone ate bat soup in Wuhan…Well shit, that’s what I heard / I don’t know what it was mixed with / But for someone to jeopardize everyone’s life man, it must have been f*****g delicious.

He also details some salacious frustrations amidst the raw reality of familial seperations.

Lyrically he’s a monster but we knew this. Check out his latest release above.

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