Jon Connor Releases New, Fully Loaded Album ‘SOS’

Flint, Michigan native and former Aftermath signed artist Jon Connor, drops off his highly anticipated new album laced in 18 tracks amid features from Kelly Price, Locksmith, Dizzy Wright and more. A talented line up but the album isn’t carried by the features alone.

Some inevitable fan favorites like “The Procedure” and “The Code” are featureless but just as memorable as emotive intros like the “Thank You (Intro)” featuring the legendary Kelly Price or head-bobbing lyrically charged records like “I Know” featuring Ace Gabbana.

He gifts us a brilliantly bipolar listening experience as he rocks out on records like “Stay Distracted” yet reveals a more pensive side in records like “The Break Up Song” while records like “The Code” speak to his expected gritty aura.

Connor hits several genre bases from dashes of RnB to some rock undertones to several displays of raw, unfiltered hip-hop. It’s more than a hodgepodge of random records but a personal narrative that flows faultlessly over stellar production amid the aide of some super-talented artists.

Take a listen above.

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