Tobe Nwigwe Wraps His Narrative in Genius Lyricism for New Single “Journey”

Some naysayers state that this generation of hip-hop lacks the lyrical prowess of its founding fathers but au contraire.

Tobe Nwigwe, one of the most impressive emcee’s of our modern times, releases written proof of such aptitude with his new single “Journey.” The proud husband and father details his personal voyage through life as he knows it.

He raps, “Grew up round wild boys, no MGK / They was just wrapping white, half my life, thought about packin’ knives / Ratchets like, all on my mattress, no magnets, I’d attract blackness til’ I begat this lil road to Damascus type of journey…”

His wordplay listens like witty banter amid the clear mastery of rhyme and metaphor.

Tobe Nwigwe delivers intellectually gritty hip-hop.

He goes on to rap, “…spit guava, I’m a thick juice brewer / Catch you eyeing my wife, I’ll patch yo eye like Slick Rick Ruler / I got mo drive than 4 Lyft’s and 6 new Uber’s / But my Mama hated on me til I blew like 5-Deuce Hoover…

He marries spoken word with production, a synonymous sound to this thing we call hip-hop.

Check it out above.

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