Bars on I-95 ‘Verse 4 Verse’ Round 1: Toney Blanco & Litoothegreat

Real hip-hop, as classic as a 76′ Cutlass Supreme, never goes out of style or loses value and entities like Bars on I-95 remind us of that truth as they bring forth and shine light on the modern pulse on hip-hop.

Keeping us thoroughly entertained during this quarantine, they gift us their Verse 4 Verse segment. It’s not battle rap but its a stage that gifts each emcee a chance to spit a faultless verse and the people get to vote on who they believed was superior. For the first round, emcees Litoothegreat and Toney Blanco flash their lyrical talent. Both artists deliver a flawless take imbued with gritty metaphors and vicious wordplay. Litoo and Toney bring that Yonkers-corner rap back and impressively so. It will be hard to decipher who trumped who.

Of the Verse 4 Verse competition they state, “While everyone is quarantined, we decided to introduce a special segment strictly for the true MCees and real hip hop fans that appreciate bars. With the help from our friends over at Talk Of The Town, we selected 8 artists, 4 female MCees and 4 Male MCees to have an all out verse for verse tournament for fans to choose which artists had the best verse in each round. This is not battle rap where rappers come at each other but it’s more for who can tell the best story, craft the best verse. Steal sharpen steal, that means everything counts, your delivery, your metaphors, flow, everything. There will be 3 judges in each round, 1st judge are the fans, 2nd judge is the Bars On I-95 Staff, and 3rd judge are special veteran MCees who will sit and watch and give us their favorite picks. This is your chance as a fan to tap in and choose who you think will come out of this bracket challenge as the Ultimate MC. The winner of the bracket madness will receive a special gift which we will be announced at the end of the tournament. We will provide a link that allows fans to go and vote for their favorite MC. Home of the heavy bar spitters, Skills Over Politics, that means bring your own game not your name.”

These artists brought their skills to the forefront but who will reign supreme?

Vote here.

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