D Smoke Releases Official Visual for “Lights On” Starring Issa Rae & Danny Trejo

To a novice listener of D Smoke’s music, one would assume that this record is salacious in nature but “Lights On” although risqué in certain lines, details the harsh reality of an exotic dancer’s plight amid the thoughts of those who partake in their services.

He raps, “Greetings to p***y in the evening
You make it look easy, but looks can be deceiving, uh
Don’t do it for tv, you got another reason
‘Cause ain’t not another n**** gon’
Make sure your daughter eating, yeah…

While his brother SiR carries the hook singing, “Shake that thing like you would put that whole fire out
Stop, drop, roll ’til you can’t no more (more)
Roll, roll ’til you can’t no more (more, yeah)
Sit me down like a young n**** on timeout
Stop, drop, roll ’til you can’t no more (no more)
Roll, roll ’til you can’t no more (yeah)

The verse and the hook provide a heterogeneous dichotomy between an appreciation for the exotic dancing hustle and a natural regard for the act itself.

The Jack Begert directed visual plays in a revealing reverse. Issa Rae stars as an exotic dancer that attempts to rob her boss Danny Trejo with D Smoke as the get away driver. The video concludes and technically begins with her dancing on the pole, determined with her nights choices in the forefront of her mind. In genius execution, this visual displays two halves of a moral whole, to be or not to be.

Check it out above.

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