Jacob Banks Releases a Stunningly Soulful Rendition of “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”

Jacob Banks, last featured for his soulful ballad “Every Age,” returns with an impressive cover of an RnB classic.

The Savannah Setten directed visual depicts a beautiful nature shot of a young couple as they battle their relational tide. Love doesn’t come with a blueprint or easy to follow directions but indeed it lives in the sphere of serendipity, uncertainty and passion led decisions.

The visual partnered with Jacob’s emotive and distinctively rustic execution gifts this record a new flavor, a new narrative.

Of the records inspiration he states, “This song kept me company throughout my early years in university. I recorded this about 3 years ago with my friend and collaborator who goes by the name Sillkey. I’ve always loved the song and with everything that’s happening and a recent loss in my life the song came back to me, so I wanted to share with my friends in case you guys find something you need in there like I did.”

Check it out above.

Listen to his debut album Village below as well.

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