Hollywood Unlocked Interview: Kehlani on Beef with Kamaiyah, Keyshia Cole & More!

On Friday, Kehlani released her sophomore album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. In a press release she stated, “The album cover is a depiction of the never-ending duality of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ It’s a tale of perspective…The sun is shining, the sky is blue, but clearly something has gotten my attention. Paired with the back cover, we come into the question of is the grass really greener on the other side? Good things are good… until they aren’t. Then, were they ever really good?”

The album, as expected, listens like a diary. She lets us in and keeps it real.

Today, on her virtual press run, she stops by Hollywood Unlocked to sip on some tea amid presenting an open and candid interview that details her personal life, her evolution, rumored beefs and more.

Check it out above.

Listen to her latest album below.

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