Joyner Lucas Pulls Off a Will on “Will” for Official Remix

Joyner Lucas represents the art of true musical manifestation. His album ADHD featured an ikonic tribute to Will Smith and today the remix surfaces with a verse from none other than the Fresh Prince himself.

To pull a legend out of lyrical retirement to hop on your record is not only impressive but a vision of jaw-dropping inspiration.

It’s been a decade and a half since Will Smith released a full length project but clearly he hasn’t lost his grip on the mic. When Joyner released the official “Will” visual back in March, it caught Smith’s eye and he shared a post on his Instagram about how honored and humbled he was by the tribute.

For the remix Will carries the entire verse while Joyner handles the hook.

Smith raps, "You feelin' like me? I feel like a prince that turned to a king
Found me a queen, started a family and got me a team
On top of my dreams, Joyner, I know you inspired by me
Like I was inspired by Nelson Mandela, I give him a rose for every endeavor
And shout out to Julius Erving, one of the legends I worship
Muhammad Ali put the work in, he was the champ, the greatest, he earned it
I love that you think that I'm perfect but I have plenty mistakes and burdens."

It’s a verse imbued in gems, appreciation and humility. Take a listen to the full remix above!

Watch the original “Will” visual and listen to ADHD below.

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