Sam Austins Vibes Out In New Single “STAR”

Detroit native artist, Sam Austins, releases his new Syblyng produced single “STAR,” a catchy, airy, The Weeknd-ish vibe.

Noted for popular releases like β€œFiji (Take A Daytrip)” and β€œRight Here 4 U,” this latest offering listens with a more dreamy aura, an instant stuck on repeat record. Other 2020 drops like “WINGS” and “LAST MONEY” revel in his innate and creative musical aptitude as he explores different genre pools.

“STAR” oozes with infectious melodies and candid lyricism.

He sings, "Smoking more, drinking more, f***ing more, thinking more / I shoulda held you down when I need it / I shoulda slowed down when you seen it / I'm rolling around with a scenic / I took the top down for the weekend."

It’s a definite vibe; take a listen above.

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