Wax Tailor x D Smoke “Keep It Movin”

These are trying times but music, when used for its archaic purpose of storytelling and emotional transference, can uplift us even in uncertain times.

D Smoke represents versatility at its finest hour. His latest record with French musician and producer Wax Tailor revels in a groovy optimistic tone without compromising lyricism.

He raps, “Heaven knows I need a break from the daily monotonous activities, my soliloquy pay me in profit ’cause I make you move/ I shout when them tell me to keep my voice down, voice down / I’m out when they tell me to keep it inside, what now / When gravity tries to keep me on the ground, I touch clouds…

It’s a record that encourages self elevation, motion and fearlessness.

Of the records conception Tailor states, “We talked about it for months without finding the time. it’s finally this weird period on both sides of the Atlantic that gave us the opportunity when nearly everything stopped. After a few virtual round trips from France to USA. We’ve Rec a funky joint that will, I hope, help you feel better. Same for the Music Video, with the lockdown we had to adapt but it makes creative. Look forward to sharing with you!

It’s a funky, head-bobbing record imbued in high energy and wicked wordplay from a new industry front-runner alongside the legendary musical stylings of Wax Tailor.

Take a listen above.

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