Ikonic Review: TeaMarrr ‘Before I Spill Myself’ EP

What is music but a sonic and melodic story? What are artists but true authors, the biographers of their aural lifeworks?

Haitian-American singer and songwriter TeaMarrr releases her impressively anomalous EP Before I Spill Myself, laced in 10 tracks amid features from D Smoke, SiR and Rapsody through Issa Rae’s record label Raedio and Atlantic Records.

A body of work like this one represents the unapologetically creative inner workings of this thing we call music. From the daring lyricism to the idiosyncratic twitch of each record – it’s simply undeniable.

The album opens with “Chasing Amy,” a record that listens like an emotive outcry, a need of relational confirmation and assurance amid a somewhat careless, savage demeanor. Teamarrr conveys emotion impeccably from a lyrical and visual standpoint.

As the project proceeds she calls on D Smoke for the second track “Kinda Love,” a clever build-a-man record. If we could customize our significant other and have them arrive at our doorstep, melancholy RnB would probably be a thing of the past but the idea is well executed and makes for good music. D Smoke’s verse provides the male perspective of her robotic lover fantasies.

Next up, “Tick” featuring SiR, a risqué, sexually charged, hot-n-heavy track revels in her bold and candid side as she sings, “Didn’t think that I would cum / But you beat it up like I’m your enemy / I didn’t mean to wet the floor though but I missed the way you rained down heavy on me…” The explicit yet poetic imagery of the line, “You beat it up like I’m your enemy” – impressive. Teamarrr’s music listens like a carefree rambling of her innermost thoughts.

Whorey Heart” tells a tale of her lovers cheating ways and nobody wants a man who’s for everybody. While records like “Doin It Wrong” and “One Job” listen like two halves of one whole. “Doin It Wrong,” almost comically details Teamarrr’s experience with a lover who didn’t know what he was doing in the bedroom yet “One Job” details a satisfying sexual relationship but the physical connection begins to fizzle out as his insecurities protrude.

Cool Enough” and “Cry Baby” are more pensive, diary-like tracks that emphasize the emotional roller-coaster ride this EP takes you on. She slows it down a little more for “Done,” a record imbued in lyrical encouragement for when its time to walk away from a tumultuous relationship.

The album closes with “I’m That” featuring Rapsody where she regains that already present but somewhat buried confidence and rocks out alongside one of the industry’s most sought out female lyricists. Overall, Before I Spill Myself, embarks upon a journey of self-discovery, assertiveness, experimental tendencies, poetic scripting and evolution as it cascades through various moods amid conveying her narrative all too well – an ageless addition to music’s archives.

In a press release Teamarrr states, “I hope they walk away thinking, ‘TeaMarrr is my new musical pharmacist. My catalog will heal whatever mood you’re in; if you’re in a lovey-dovey vibe put on ‘Kinda Love.’ If you’re angry at your ex and don’t understand why he couldn’t have done the one thing you asked him to, I definitely have a song for that too.  Think of me as the sonic doctor prescribing music as medicine to help you heal.

Take a listen below.

Listen to her 2017 EP release below.

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