J. Cole Releases Politically Poignant Surprise Track “Snow On Tha Bluff”

Today we’re gifted a new track from one of the most lyrically profound and astute emcee’s of our generation.

Musicians far and wide have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd. It’s ignited a global slew of protests and accompanying music. Cole’s latest offering, “Snow In Tha Bluff,” titled after the 2011 Atlanta based documentary of sorts, bleeds with the raw reality of our current times, laced in empowerment and brimming in truth.

We’ve witnessed Cole as he’s marched in North Carolina alongside thousands, standing in solidarity against the present oppression, police brutality and blatant racism we’ve seen and endured.

He raps, "How you gon lead, when you attacking the very same n****s that really do need / The s*** that you saying? instead of conveying you holier come help get us up to speed / S*** it’s a reason it took like 200 years for our ancestors just to get freed / These shackles be lockin the mental way more than physical, I look at freedom like trees..."

Check it out above.

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