Ikonic Review: Cherae Leri ‘The Pain That Sex Brings’

Grown and sexy RnB doused in unapologetic womanhood.

Houston bred singer and songwriter Cherae Leri releases her debut album The Pain That Sex Brings laced in 11 featureless tracks and production from the likes of Ashilee Roberts, Kevin McCall, Nick Fury, Backpack, Ble$$ed, Chriz Beatz, E9 and Kidd Jupiter amid engineering from Ashilee Roberts, Scotti Taylor and Max Unruh. The album currently rests in the top 10 on iTunes ‘R&B/Soul’ charts only days after its release – impressive.

The music from TPTSB incorporates nostalgic, sultry RnB, mature tendencies and intrepid inclinations amid a medley of soul, hip-hop and alternative genres. The album opens with “Dedication,” a modern flair of heavy, hard-hitting production and confident lyricism from Leri but the next record “Vibe Wave Mood” presents a calmer, sunny side of the young songstress and an infectious, body-swaying hook.

You Got It,” an instant hit, listens with an explosive chorus and potent verses as she lyrically details the pain and immaculate recovery of a love lost – an anthem for the fed up, dauntless and confident. “Fool,” a darker, mysterious effort switches the expectation of airy, soul singer to alternative, cinematic artist as she cascades flawlessly over that timeless Ashilee Roberts production while keeping the content intact as she reminds a past lover that she’s no one’s doormat.

Real One” jumps back into the RnB boat as she sails into more seductive lyricism detailing her ideal mate but yet again she switches it up for “Feel” as she offers a softer, more poignant side. “Match the Motion,” “Fine Wine” and “Record Me” plunge right into hot, heavy, parental advisory vibes as she gifts 2020 some true baby-making music. She closes the album with “I Understand” a wispy, slow outro.

“This here is for the the grown & sexy folks who have experienced a lil’ something in life.” – Cherae Leri

Overall, TPTSB represents a roller-coaster ride of the love, lust and disaster of your mid 20’s but not limited to. In this album she’s open, honest, unwavering, and unguarded. She brings forth authentic, sexy, and confident RnB, bearing it all for those who indulge in her art – a debut worth listening to.

Indulge below.

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