Jack Harlow Releases Fully Loaded “What’s Poppin Remix” feat. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne

Jack Harlow’s top of the year hit “What’s Poppin” solidified his spot in hip-hop and reveled in his innate ability to make a popular track with no features to carry its potential acclaim. Today he releases the records official remix alongside some industry chart-toppers – DaBaby, Tory Lanez and the legendary Lil Wayne. Against this seasoned bunch Harlow still holds his own, impressively so.

Each emcee glides over the production with precision and notable wordplay. It’s an effortless flow from the entire line up. Loaded in lyricism this track isn’t a half-cocked, modern day attempt at creating hip-hop.

Ikonic lyrics:

I got five chicks in New York
That means one in each borough
I’m in the pocket like Burrow
When I’m back home, though
They treat me like Robert De Niro
Took her to Taco Bell, bought her a churro
Took her home, gave her a cinnamon swirl
I left it in, now I got a one-year old

Check it out above.

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