Releases Stunningly Pensive Ballad “Fix Me (Acoustic Sketch)”

Music, like a ship, should take you somewhere, on a journey, on an honest sail through life as the artist knows it, on a dauntless voyage through their realities.

New York based singer and songwriter takes listeners on an emotive, candid and poetic expedition through his soul in its current state. His latest Benjamin Verdoes produced and engineered release “Fix Me (Acoustic Sketch)” listens like sugar, honey and a dash of Henny as delivers a faultless, immaculately ranged take while the lyricism details the rawness of an irreparable reality.

He sings, “You can’t heal my wounds / When you’re the reason I’m still blue / You can’t be my guide / When you’re the reason I’m still blind / You can’t be my northern star / When you’re the reason home seems so far…”

It’s a captivating performance that reels you in with its authenticity.

Of the records inspiration tells Instagram, “It’s been a heavy year thus far to say the the least. Some days are more hopeful than other, but one thing remains true, which is that we couldn’t continue with the way things were going for much longer. I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me thus far. All the messages and love means more than you know. Juneteenth and Pride are here, and although it doesn’t feel like there is much to celebrate, there is power in finding hope in hopelessness. Damn near impossible to do at times and we are all at different stages in that process but today I’m highlighting what brings me hope in these seemingly hopeless times.”

From his humble Soundcloud beginnings to this latest work,’s growth shines through. He’s pioneering a necessary genre of substance-imbued music that marries blues, soul, jazz and alternative tendencies into one aurally astounding masterpiece.

Listen to “Fix Me (Acoustic Sketch)” above and for more music by listen to his EP aiMless below.

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