Tobe Nwigwe Releases Necessary New Single “Make It Home” feat. David Michael Wyatt

Last featured for his single “Journey,” Tobe Nwigwe returns with another stunning Lanell Grant produced record featuring David Michael Wyatt that lyrically delves into the plight of black people, the resounding fear of the unknown and the toxic nature of this current world bathed in poetic, jaw-dropping lyricism – per usual.

Tobe raps, ” May your streets be paved with gold (yea) / Hope my whole Hood make it home (yea) / Cause’ they ridin’ with choppas and might turn yo taper to pasta/ Don’t hardly see daughters at alters..probably cause’ there ain’t no more fathers/ They stole them…”

If your melanin glows under the suns favor, making it home safely seems like a daily victory these days. Tobe aurally captures that raw reality with this latest offering.

The self directed and Justin Stewart shot visual revels in a simplistic yet artistic nature as the video begins with Tobe alone and eventually his wife, Lanell and David appear one by one with minimal choreography. It’s an eye-opening record, one that doesn’t dance around the racial quandary of black people but indeed address it head on.

Check it out above.

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