New Music from Sam Fischer, Sam Smith, Burna Boy and Billie Eilish

Dive into soothing pools of passion, pain and love with Sam Fischer and Billie Eilish while allowing your body to sway to the hip-twirling vibes created by Sam Smith and Burna Boy.

The current pandemic proves useful for these creatives as we’re gifted with new, ageless tunes that flow so beautiful together one after the other.

Sam Fischer shows off those captivating vocals in “The Usual” as he lyrically details the potentially tumultuous and selfless cycle of this thing we call love. Sam Smith and Burna Boy melt into their new single “My Oasis,” each artist gliding over the silky production amid lining the content of the track in emotive, poetic lines. Billie Eilish keeps it personal, per usual, in her poignant new record “my future,” a medley of impressive sonic offerings.

Indulge below.

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