Single? Taken?Entanglement…

The official synonym for “situationship” has arrived, in a big way, from the lips of the legendary Jada Pinkett Smith in her Red Table Talk admittance to having an “entanglement” with August Alsina a couple of years ago.

How many of you are in entanglements? Relationships imbued in relations, emotions, and selflessness with no title – too many, I’m sure. But, why? Why have you subjected yourself to something as potentially toxic as an entanglement? Why are you willing to attach yourself to someone who doesn’t plan to fully attach themselves to you? Most people found the Jada and August situation rather humorous but au contraire. Furthermore, half of the people that were laughing at the memes and opinionated commentary are either currently in an entanglement or have been in one before and I bet it wasn’t funny when they were crying alone in their rooms over a man or woman that was never theirs in the first place.

The problem with titleless flings and non-committed “partnerships” lies not only in the eventual attachment but the bigger root of the issue – the commitment issue.

If a person is willing to scream your name in private but whisper your name in public, you need to let them go.

One more time for those in the back.

If a person is willing to scream your name in private but whisper your name in public, you need to let them go.

However, most of us stay anyway because we believe that a whisper is better than silence – wrong. Your worth every scream and shout. Stop allowing people to be selfish with you and before you know it your stuck in an entanglement over an Instagram DM and a half-watched Netflix series.

Don’t let someone entangle you into their web of lies, insecurities and disrespect – it’s like voluntarily riding shotgun in a car that you know is going to crash. Don’t even get in. Either you’re single or you’re taken, the in between, the grey matter, the entanglement – is a manifestation of your imagination; remember that!

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