Social Media, the Destroyer of Self-Perception – If You Let It!

This generation, more than any other, in my opinion, is obsessed with success, overnight millionaires, social media influencers and body goals. We praise Trap rappers, Lambo drivers and Real Estate gurus. We idolize Youtubers, perfectly shaped women and vegan trends. We submerse ourselves in the opinions, lifestyles, and narratives of the lives of those we follow on social media as if any of that really matters. We compare journeys and that stifles your self-perception.

Let me elaborate. We tend to bathe in unrealistic and irrelevant comparisons instead of truly focusing on the road that we should be traveling. Your road. Not Moneybagg Yo’s road, not Jeff Bezos’ road, not Michelle Obama’s road but your road. You keep crashing into what life has to offer because you have your eyes on everybody else’s road instead of your own.

One more time for those in the back.

You keep crashing into what life has to offer because you have your eyes on everybody else’s road instead of your own.

How can you get ahead in life if you’re not looking forward but instead to the left, right and back of you? As you scroll through social media you may realize that you don’t have a six bedroom home, you haven’t properly invested your money, your butt isn’t that big, your body isn’t the idea of perfection you’ve irrationally conjured up in your mind, your relationship isn’t brimming in Birkin bags, Figi trips and unapologetic adulation, your life isn’t all that exciting, you don’t have enough friends, your not hustling hard enough etc. and some of that may be true but most of it stems from these mind-numbing scrolling fests that begin to consume your perception of you and the expectations you’ve set.

There’s fantasy and then there’s reality, attach yourself to the reality of who you are, what your capable of and what you bring to the table instead of living in the fantasy of those you idolize. Some people on social media are on a constant winning streak, it appears, but they have off days too and so will you.

Don’t allow what you see on Instagram and Facebook, dictate how you feel about your life’s trajectory.

There’s nothing you can’t achieve but it’s going to come with some sacrifices and start with sacrificing your social media time for reading, online courses, research, meditation, and positive thoughts.

You’re welcome.

Ps. If you make your money off social media, rather that be through influencer work or modeling etc., this may not work for you but still limit your time spent and spend your excess time learning about how to expand your brand; again, you’re welcome.

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