The Five Keys to Living a Fulfilling Life

This generation, an ambitious, unapologetically creative, and innovative era, brims with rebellion, dream chasers, entrepreneurs, and self-starters. Millionaires are not limited to rich families and inherited wealth but are now the modern day sever figure idea molders and social media vixens – the times have changed. It’s a good and a bad thing. Back in the day, getting a good job and living a good life seemed like a good idea. Now, if you’re not rock climbing in Figi, taking frequent Miami trips and wearing the Balenciaga’s that look like socks, your life gets placed in the category of boring, broke and ordinary and eventually it makes you feel less fulfilled in life because we are in a constant front row seat to The Days in Other People’s Lives.

This may not hold true for you and if not, you may not need these five keys but you can read them anyways out of respect for the fact that I took the time to write them down. Thank you.

Moving on.

Key 1: What’s Meant for You Already Has Your Name on It

To be fulfilled with you, you have to be content with the fact that you are indeed you and not Halle Berry or Denzel. If you can’t first embrace you – you’ll never feel fulfilled.

My name is Jia, a.k.a Miss Ikonic if you talk to me nice *wink wink,* therefore, I am not chasing the lives of Britney or Monica or Michelle because my name is Jia. Everything that I’m destined for is attached to my name. Most of you are grabbing at everyone else’s names and then somehow wondering why you are not fulfilled in life.

You’ll never feel full while drinking from someone else’s cup.

It’s just like getting diagnosed with a rare disease and then randomly taking the medication of the patient your sharing a room with because her medication looked better. It’s not going to treat your symptoms and it certainly won’t cure you. Keep your hands in your own medicine drawer. Create a legacy that you personally and proudly etched your name in to. Discover your passions, try new things, read more books and stay on the journey to discovering your best self because that’s who you have to live with until it’s all over.

Key 2: Stop Doing S**t You Don’t Want to Do

If your day to day is full of activities and jobs that you don’t really want to do, there is no way you will ever feel fulfilled in this life or the next – cut it out. If you really hate that job, before you quit, figure out what you hate about it, then think about what you would rather be doing, then formalize a plan to get you closer to doing the things you would rather do, acquire some extra skills if need be, apply to that dream job, secure that job, quit your old job and keep progressing. If your tired of hanging around friends that don’t make you better, don’t challenge you and don’t assist you in your growth – leave them alone. If your tired of your current location, pick out your ideal location and move. If you’ve been in a stagnant relationship for years and you don’t want to be in it anymore – go! Once you start relinquishing yourself from the things you want no part in, you’ll feel more fulfilled, you’ll feel lighter, happier and you deserve that.

Key 3: Fill In the Parts of You That Feel Empty

Clearly if you are not fulfilled, certain parts of you feel hollow. It’s time to touch on those hollow pieces of who you are and begin to fill in those spaces with healthy, positive energies and activities. You may feel hollow in your career, in your love life or in your spirituality. Focus on those gaps. Don’t fill in those spaces with gossip, junk food eating and constant complaining, which brings us to our next major key.

Key 4: Stop Complaining and Take Action

Don’t whine everyday about what you feel like your life is missing, nobody wants to hear that, and no one cares. I know I don’t. See, I don’t care about what you’re miserable about, I care about the action plan your drawing up to help end that misery. No one cared that Malcolm X didn’t like racism, they cared about what he was willing to do to stop it. What are you willing to do to end your current plights and replace them with joyous moments? Are you willing to leave that cheating spouse? Are you willing to discipline those unruly kids? Are you willing to quit that job? Are you willing to relinquish your doormat tendencies and replace them with strong, unf**kwitable tendencies? What are you willing to do? Take action, you won’t feel fulfilled while running in place.

Key 5: You’re Not Unfulfilled Your Lazy

I gave you four keys to living a fulfilling life, I forgot to mention, however, that the idea of a fulfilling life rests in most of your imaginations since your too lazy to go get the life you desire.

Most of you aren’t even unfulfilled, your just lazy. You want Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos bank accounts with gas pumper work ethic. You want unrealistic healthy relationship goals when you haven’t even figured out how to make you happy. You want to be an entrepreneur but won’t start that business. You want God to bless you but won’t be intentional in your prayers. You want that new car but won’t pay your bills to get your credit up. You want that goal body but won’t put down the Twinkies.

Stop being lazy. Stop thinking that the people who inspire you have more than 24 hours in their day because they don’t. We all have the same 24 hours, what will you do with yours? Switch up that work ethic and you’ll be more than fulfilled, you’ll be a walking pillar of self-excellence.

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