The SpongeBob and Ed Effect

What do SpongeBob and Ed from Good Burger have in common – pure, unfiltered, unbothered joy!

If you don’t know either one of them- your childhood was trash, poor ‘lil tink tink. If you’re a victim of that rather unfortunate childhood, I need you to stop reading this article and go watch an episode of SpongeBob and watch the entire Good Burger movie – I’m not playing.

Let’s dissect their happiness.

SpongeBob, let’s put him at age 20 in the beginning, was a 20-year-old fry cook at the bottom of the ocean with a pet snail, an indolent but loyal best friend, a slumlord boss, and a rude neighbor named Squidward (who represents 75% of Americans) but he’s still the happiest sponge alive. Why you may ask? Why would he love working for a blood-thirsty, cheap, money sucking boss like Mr. Krabs? Why would he walk merrily to work every day without a care in the world, proud that he flips patties for a living?

He’s happy because he doesn’t give a flying f*** and is immune to negativity. Squidward talks crazy to him every day and everyday SpongeBob says something nice back because he literally doesn’t process negativity, only the light that shines bright within him and it’s infectious to those who want happiness too. Now let’s be real, there are a couple episodes that SpongeBob snaps but it’s a warranted snapping not a mere “I feel like snapping today” spat.

SpongeBob is content with what he brings to Bikini Bottom as a fry cook. He likes it. It pays his bills. He has his own crib, a pet, a best bud, and memories to last a lifetime. That’s all he needs to be content.

What all do you need to be content?

Once you figure out what you need to be content, you’ll experience this type of Columbian cocaine pure happiness that SpongeBob has. This kind of joy cannot be bought, it’s internal. There’s also a beautiful dichotomy between SpongeBob and his neighbor Squidward. Squidward’s attitude is not only consistent but also intentional. He makes SpongeBob fully aware of his disdain for him. Squidward wants to be a revered clarinet player, instead of a Fast-Food restaurant cashier but he’s not very good at it. He spends some day’s practicing his clarinet, but not enough time spent to change his current occupation from Krabby Patty order-taker to renowned instrumentalist. We all know a “Squidward” and they either annoy us or we remain oblivious to their negative banter or both.

Ed lives life just like SpongeBob. He has a Squidward named Dexter, but eventually Ed rubs off on him. Ed loves working at Good Burger, he enjoys rollerblading to work, he doesn’t hear or see negativity and he’s a constant joy. Why? Because he chooses to be so. Everything in life is a choice.

Choose happiness.

Dexter can’t stand his constant positivity but in the end he gives in and changes his outlook and perspective on life. Keep the Ed’s and SpongeBob’s in your corner, learn from their joy and eventually embrace your own happiness.

You got this!

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