I’m No One’s Afterthought.

Stop allowing people to place you in their afterthoughts. They think of you after their day is over or after the football game or after work or after dinner and a nap. I don’t have to be the first thought on a person’s mind, although I’d prefer it, but I certainly won’t take last place. I’m a winner. I’m no one’s runt of the bunch and I won’t allow someone to treat me as such. I won’t wait around all day for nonchalant text messages and midnight phone calls. However, to those who have accepted their place as an afterthought in someone’s life, don’t be surprised or upset at the lack of consideration that person has for you.

If you allow someone to place you in their afterthoughts, you are simultaneously telling them that you’re okay with being the tattered remnants of their contemplation.

Clearly, I’m talking about someone your dating, not a friend or co-worker or associate but a person you like, a person you think about often and just wish that they would do the same. If they won’t, what does that say about their affinity for you? If they genuinely liked you, you wouldn’t be in the back of their mind but in the front of it.

Don’t let somebody treat you like the goldfish they forgot to feed.

You deserve consistent and electrified conversation. You deserve random phone calls just to see how your day is going or to see if you ate lunch. You don’t deserve social media posts but no good morning text or phone call. It baffles me that a person can wake up and tell their followers good morning before they tell the person their dating good morning – despicable. But, if you accept such behavior don’t be enraged when it continues. Most people complain to their friends or family instead of voicing their frustrations to the person their dating or even worse, the person their sleeping with. Your laying down with a man or woman who seldomly picks up the phone and thinks of you randomly at the conclusion of their day. No, no, no, baby – your worth better.

You can find someone who thinks of you when the sun comes up, not when the sun comes down.

Discuss with them how you feel about their insouciant communicative style and express to them your desires of being an early thought instead of an eventual thought. If they are not willing to alter their communicative efforts, then you need to stop including them in your thoughts all together. Remember the middle school butterflies of having a crush and giving them a Valentine’s Day card, those cute, childlike feelings don’t have to fade because you pay taxes, rent and are trying to build your credit score.

Say it with me, “I’m no one’s afterthought.”

Now go tell them that.

You’re welcome. 😀

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