Release Your Expectations

Disappointment stems from expectation.

When you expect better from people, you are disappointed when they don’t follow through on their empty promises or stand you up for dinner or leave you on “read.”

Stop expecting people to reciprocate your energy.

Just because you give your all, doesn’t mean that they will or ever planned on doing so. Every time I suck my teeth in frustration at a person I expected better from, I realize that it was my mistake. It was my misunderstanding. It was my fantasy. Sometimes you live too deep in the fantasy of a person instead of accepting the reality of their character.

One more time for those in the back.

Sometimes you live too deep in the fantasy of a person instead of accepting the reality of their character.

A person that doesn’t care about disappointing you is the same person you need to release yourself from. It may be your baby daddy. It may be your wife. It may be your best friend. However, no matter the tie, you are worthy of reciprocated energy. I’m not saying drop every human being that’s ever disappointed you, but patterns are built over time and through allowance. If you allow the pattern of disappointment to continue, it will.

If fractured “I’m sorry’s” and “I’ll do better’s” always soothe your wounds, you’ll be forever disappointed by a person that could care less.

Releasing your expectations from a person sometimes releases the person from your life all together. But remember, you deserve an abundant, light-filled life. You don’t have to live in the dark and scarce remains of their inabilities to give a f***. Reciprocate that passive, half-a** energy and see if they like it. I guarantee that they’ll be disappointed in you as well because they expect you to go to the moon and back when they won’t even go up the street.

Do better.

Require more.

Release your expectations and build with people that reciprocate your selfless, thought-filled, and consistent energy.

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