You’re Paying to Learn But is What You’re Learning Going to Pay You?

Most of us spend well over six figures earning degrees in career fields that don’t even pay six figures.

Did you go to college to be left with more debt than you make a year?

Where is the return on your investment? Yes, you had fun, you might have pledged a sorority or fraternity, you made friends that will last you a lifetime etc. but from a monetary standpoint that doesn’t equivocate to a six-figure experience. Colleges don’t tell you that your degree isn’t worth it from a financial perspective and then the day after you graduate the student loan departments are calling you like crazy asking for you to set up a payment plan and you haven’t even received your first measly check from some start up company looking for hungry recent graduates. 

College is one of the biggest scams in the world. I am a proud college graduate thus I am not demeaning the entire institution of it all but some degrees literally aren’t worth it and nobody tells you that until it’s over – that feels like a scam to me.

Choose a career that’s going to benefit you personally, creatively and financially.

Choose a career that interest you from a 360 perspective not a 180 or a 90 degree perspective. For example, you might like reading books. It doesn’t mean that you should go acquire a degree in literature. Reading is a past time for you but not a career.

References like the Occupational Outlook Handbook allow you to look up your desired career and it gifts you statistics about the need for that career now and in the next five to 10 years, median salaries and more. There’s no logic in getting a four year degree for a career that will phase out or become obsolete in a couple of years. Furthermore, it’s a new day and age, you don’t need college degree for every career endeavor. For example, your reading my blog right now but I didn’t need a degree to start it. I watched some YouTube video’s, downloaded WordPress and started creating content – simple. I have an online store but I didn’t study fashion or acquire a business degree. I watched some YouTube videos on creating a store on Shopify, took some Facebook Ad courses on Udemy and now I’m a business owner. My blog and my store have been more beneficial to me than my entire Bachelor degree but that doesn’t have to be you. Choose your college and career choice wisely but remember you’re investing in you thus there should be a return on that investment and a set of skills that will benefit you drastically.

Choose wisely.

Do your research.

Get a substantial return on your educational investment!