Peace Over Revenge

“A woman that found peace instead of revenge can never be bothered.” – Miya Marie

Twitter, the hub of virtual conversation, rallies the super opinionated, the social media influencers and random niche folks. I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and stumbled upon the above tweet. It rang so true that I had to write about it.

Women are sometimes painted as angry and vindictive and although sometimes that’s the case, it’s not all encompassing. I took this tweet to relate to a relationship perspective thus that’s what I’m going to speak on.

“Hurt people, hurt people,” such a banal phrase but it’s true nonetheless. When you seek revenge over peace it’s because you want the person who hurt you to hurt as bad as you hurt and then you believe after you’ve inflicted that hurt that you’ll feel better – wrong. It’s best to seek peace when your soul and heart have been rattled or broken.

Becoming just like your heartbreaker or abuser makes you no better than him or her but the equivalent.

Learn to be at peace with a situation instead of constantly reciprocating energy. No one enjoys being played or being cheated on or being lied to but once that person shows you who they are believe them. Attempting to even the score at a game where both parties could lose regardless won’t help you move on.

The art of being unbothered stems from the art of being unf***witable.

Don’t let anybody shift your spirit, stunt your growth or demean your being. Finding internal peace will shift your outlook, bring your edges back, clear your skin and enhance your perspective. You got this Sis – choose peace!

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