Don’t Let Somebody Place You in Park

Do you get into your car to go nowhere? No, so stop getting into relationships or situationships or entanglements that are destined to go nowhere. Do you like having your time wasted? Most of you are going to automatically state, “No, of course not.” Yet, you’ll let a person enter your life and do just that.

You can’t get your time back but you can demand direction.

We live in the era of “casual dating” and Instagram hook ups and before you know it, you’ve grown attached over a half-watched Netflix series and Domino’s. You’ve let someone place you in the “Netflix & Chill” category instead of the ”Wine & Dine” category yet, you’re wondering why six weeks later your asking, “What are we doing?” – not a damn thing. You didn’t demand any direction. There was never an end destination set because the car never moved. A relationship is a “ship,” it’s supposed to take you somewhere but many of you are anchored at the dock or to continue the metaphor, stuck in park.

Don’t let somebody place you in park!

You deserve better but you must also demand better, carry yourself like better, emit better, choose better. Sometimes we believe that going nowhere with someone else is better than traveling alone, but it’s not. When a man or woman wants to set an end destination with you, trust me, it will be evident from the beginning. However, if you let someone play house with you, sleep with you, take you out on random, thoughtless dates on occasion etc. don’t expect them to shift gears. Why would they? You’re already given them everything they desire. But, listen, they may not want to shift gears but always remember that you can get out of the car

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