Tobe Nwigwe and Fat are Ready to “Eat”

“We don’t ride the wave we create it (yeah) | That’s how we made it to Beyoncé playlist.”

– Fat “Eat”

Tobe Nwigwe and his wife Fat join forces yet again for this new lyrically spine-chilling offering “Eat,” but before we get into that let’s take a moment to praise Tobe’s recent success from his latest viral tracks “I Need You To (Breonna Taylor)” and “Try Jesus” to his Michelle Obama and Beyoncé playlist features. He’s accumulating a slew of deserved co-signs and continues to release quality music amid unparalleled lyricism.

Today he drops off another Nell produced classic alongside his wife Fat. Both artists dominate the track, as expected and gift us a candid view of the undeniable energy between the two of them. Tobe opens the record with a metaphor laden verse doused in epigrammatic wordplay and then he tags in Fat. She holds it down in a style all her own and brings forth a solid pen game as she goes toe to toe with her husband, an indisputable wordsmith.

Records like “Eat” are what make hip-hop a one of a kind genre.

Tobe raps, “But I was weak though, so on occasion purple haze would keep me warmer than a pea coat | Debo, shouldn’t be what you portray when you placebo | But now my flow the cheat code, every bar is worth a kilo..ouu…”

Fat raps, “Yea, yea look hit the ground running like a halfback | Matte black, P365 in my knapsack | Blast at all who tried to harm me I don’t scrap cats | How I drop 2 kids and I still snap back…

The energy present in this record is inevitably transferred to those watching. Tobe hypes his wife up through out her verse and rightfully so. Their such a talented and dynamic couple. Indulge in their art above.

Listen to more from Tobe Nwigwe below.

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