Cocoa Sarai Sparks a Bold Call-to-Action with New Single “Strange Fame”

Music sonically captures raw, vivid emotion.

Cocoa Sarai’s latest visual for her single “Strange Fame” adds imagery to that aural emotion amid taking viewers on a whirlwind of varying feelings from dejection to anger to empowerment. Reminiscent of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” in the records titling and content; Sarai provides a contemporary take that unfortunately resembles the 1950’s ballad in it’s melancholy discussion of the continued disproportionate treatment of black people.

Cocoa Sarai sings, Face down on the concrete
Everybody watching won’t nobody come and help me (No)
Nose bloody and I can’t breathe (Can’t breathe)
Mama watching from the other side
I’m saying I don’t want to go
I’m begging for my life

– “Strange Fame”

This poignantly stunning track bleeds with an unparalleled vigor and intensity. The visual further exudes that necessary and controversial ardor from burning nooses to the painting of police brutality victim names on her back symbolically inferring that she and we as black people carry their injustices. We continue to scream their names and fight for the right to be safely black in public.

Of the records conception and visual Sarai states:

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