Are You Willing to be Uncomfortable?

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to achieve anything in this life. 

An unwillingness to be uncomfortable will end in your inevitable mediocrity. 

Learning a new skill is uncomfortable. Downsizing your living environment to cut cost so that you can reinvest the extra money into your business is uncomfortable. Getting in shape is uncomfortable. Changing your high consumption lifestyle to a low consumption lifestyle is uncomfortable but on the other side of those discomforts could be the life you’ve always dreamed of. It could be the $20,000 in your savings that you’ve always wanted. It could be that financial freedom that you’ve always wanted. It could be that new house that you’ve always wanted. It could be that goal body that you’ve always wanted. It could be but if you change “could” to “can” and “wanted” to “needed,” you’d really be onto something.

Most of you aren’t willing to be uncomfortable because you let your needs and your wants sleep in the same bed but they are not one in the same. 

The ability to differentiate between the two will lead to that success that you desire. You don’t need the Balenciaga’s that look like socks when your credit score is 550 and you have no money in investments rather that be a Roth IRA, stocks, REITs etc. You don’t need that Hawaii vacation when you have nothing to celebrate. Hear me out. Too many people, in my opinion, are celebrating the micro-victories, not the little-victories – the micro-victories. Micro-victories are the basics of adulthood. You paid your rent, your light bill, your student loan bill, your phone bill – now you want to celebrate? Your supposed to be doing those things. Go out, have fun but remember that those micro-victories could be taking money away from the big victories. Those nights out could be costing you the cost of that LLC you need. Buying Fashion Nova every week could be eating into your savings. Eating out every week could be hindering that goal-body reality.

When you set goals, apart of you has to be willing to be uncomfortable to achieve them. Think of your top idol, a person you aspire to be like, do you think that they were comfortable during their entire ride to success – no and you won’t be either. Nothing that’s truly great stems from comfort. You may be comfortable waking up at 11a.m everyday but if you woke up earlier, meditated, worked out, read some insightful articles and cooked a healthy breakfast that would be a more detailed and slightly uncomfortable start to your day but it would be a productive start to your day. It’s about turning your discomfort’s into beneficial, life changing additives. Discomforts are advantageous to your personal growth. Only you can be you. Give this life the best you even if that means taking five to 10 years out of your ideally long life to reach heights you’ve only dreamed of. You have to be willing to shift gears. You could live life in park or you could experience life in drive.

You can live your dream or you can sleep with it; the choice is yours but it starts with a willingness to be uncomfortable.

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