What It Means to be an Investor?

When you hear the word “investor,” what or who comes to your mind? Is it Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ray Dalio? Is it stock investors, forex trading investors, real estate investors? If the above examples are what come to mind, you don’t fully understand what it means to be an investor. 

Being an investor means that you are a chronic investor in you. Yes, “you.” I’m an investor but not because I invest in the stock market, REITs and Roth IRA’s but because I invest in Jia. I invest in my personal evolution, my education, my body, my spiritual journey. I invest my time properly. I invest my resources properly. I invest in my network because that’s my true net worth. My investments are only as strong as I am. Yes, investors are the finance gurus and Tony Robbin’s of the world but those financial titans are dedicated to themselves, to their journey, to the enhancement of their minds, to the mastering of their personal and monetary wealth. 

What are you dedicated to? What are you invested in? 

If you are invested in your look, your clothes, your shoes, your nightlife extravaganzas, your hair and your social media imprint, there’s technically nothing wrong with that but do those investments assist in your personal development, in your financial growth, in your spiritual growth? Are they assets or liabilities? 

Please acknowledge that being an active investor is bigger than monetary growth, it’s a personal voyage to becoming your best self. 

Choose your investments wisely. Don’t invest in toxic relationships and familial squabbles. Don’t invest in developing a gossip-likely mentality. Don’t invest in possessing an envious, “they-owe-me” frame of mind. Don’t invest in poor eating habits. Invest in assets. Getting in shape is an asset. Sharpening your mind is an asset. Letting go of dead-weight is an asset and yes of course, growing your bank account is an asset as well. However, financial wealth won’t matter if mentally, physically and emotionally you are consumed by your personal liabilities. Invest more time and resources into becoming the best you – simple. Read more. Complain less. Learn more. Engage more. Strive for more – your worth it.

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