Social Media is Not a Diary


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We live in a digital age but social media should not be your digital diary. The amount and depth of personal details placed on social media is not only scary but grossly negligent. Tweeting what you ate for dinner is one thing but placing your home location alongside that dish is a safety issue. Posting subliminal posts after you fight with your boyfriend is typical, not beneficial, but typical nonetheless. However, writing a comprehensive, all-inclusive post describing that little spat, benefits you how? If you don’t like someone, airing their dirty-laundry and tagging them in it on Facebook doesn’t help. If your going through issues with your baby’s mom, reposting posts about how to be a better baby mother isn’t helpful. If your having family or personal issues, detailing that on social media only places people right in the heart of your business, yet you’ll later post about how you hate when people are in your business. Make up your mind!

Social media should include, in my opinion, the basics of you, your interests, your passions, your pet, your blog, your business etc. but it shouldn’t detail all of your personal business. 

If you’re a motivational social media guru naturally you may divulge more information to make yourself more relatable to your constituents. However, that’s not the case for most of us, thus splattering your intimate details on a forever entity like the internet is beyond careless. When your younger, you’re a bit more reckless, expectedly so, but I’m speaking to the adults here. There are things that people need to know and things that people don’t need to know. You must be that barrier between the “need-to-knows” and the “don’t-need-to-knows.”

Adulting includes privacy.

Occasionally, Facebook shows me posts from 10 years ago and boy was I vain, supercilious, crude and overly personal. Now, I’m the refined Jia, well, I’m still a work in progress but nonetheless. Utilize social media for moment sharing and vacation posts but don’t go overboard with the personal anecdotes because most people don’t care and their praying on your downfall anyways.

Some people would rather watch your demise than support your triumphs, don’t give them the ammunition. 

Social media is a great marketing tool, a great snapshot into the peak moments of your life or killer fashion looks but it should not be your diary. Write a book if you feel like divulging personal information, at least you can get a check off that. Sharing your business for free doesn’t benefit your bank account or your life, think about that the next time you feel like turning your social media into a tell-all.

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