Maeta, Buddy & KAYTRANADA Release New Vibe “Teen Scene”

Los Angeles based singer, songwiter Maeta joins forces with Buddy and KAYTRANADA for this cool, transparent vibe “Teen Scene,” a body-swaying, candid offering that lyrically swims in pools of love, deceit and bipolar emotions.

Maeta sings, “I grew up in housing trucks
Felt like Summer when all the kids were out
Not old enough to light up yet
Still did behind the house
Girl I fell too far away
The opposite too close
You lie to your parents, to come see me
And say you love me, so I’m the one who you would lie to most…

”Teen Scene”

Buddy spits a flawless verse as he expertly rides the KAYTRANADA production; it’s an undeniable vibe from three solid creatives.

Indulge above.

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