Aleksa Safiya Releases Raw, Candid New RnB Single “Disappear”

Fed up, broken, yet renewed.

Florida native singer and songwriter Aleksa Safiya releases a new poignant reminder of a love lost, a love she gave her all too but received nothing but deceit and deception in return. She’s known for recording records that listen like sonic diaries with previous successful singles like “Help” and “Emotions.” This latest offering bathes in that same frank nature as she details a love that’s better off without her involved.

She sings, “…When you see me with another n**** you can’t even trip / You can’t even trip, now his hands up on my hips and his lips on my lips and I ain’t talking about the lips up on my face / You gone know how many n****s want your place.

“Disappear” – Aleksa Safiya

The Filmrat directed visual conveys her lyrical imagery as we witness visions of her pain, disgust and eventual rebirth. “Disappear” revels in one’s natural ability to leave a toxic relationship once heartbreak, fraudulence and treachery are the only main ingredients.

Indulge above.

Listen to more from Aleksa below.

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