It’s Fall Season & It Might Be Time for You to Fall Back


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The seasons are changing, time to bring out hoodies, knee high boots and Timb’s, time for leaves to fall and it might be time for you to fall back. Assess your relationships, the good, the bad and the ugly. Are you holding on to people and situations that you need to let go of? Are you telling lies to yourself doused in unforeseen change and eventual redemption? Are you outgrowing friends, careers, interests and relationships? As nature takes it’s inevitable seasonal change it might be time for you to do the same, we’ll call it “fall cleaning.” Let those who hold you back or bring you down fall right off to the wayside.

“Oh, that’s easier said than done,” you say. 

Excuses are tools of the incompetent.

Are you incompetent? Are you incapable of being happy? Do you like carrying the baggage of yesterday into your present? Do you believe that happiness only exist on the other side of pain? You deserve happiness and sometimes that requires a cleansing, cleansing yourself of previous trauma, cleansing yourself of bad habits and bad influences, cleansing yourself of negative energy. It also requires a shift, a shift in your thinking, your mentality and your actions. Outgrowing people is healthy but allowing them to leech off you is negatively selfless. 

One more time for those in the back.

Outgrowing people is healthy but allowing them to leech off you is negatively selfless. 

You don’t look good with all that dead weight on you. It’s time to shed some pounds, shed the liars, the haters, the naysayers and the fake-lovers. It’s the season of healing and rebirth. It’s your season of personal growth. It’s your time, reclaim it. People have already been selfish with you, take this season as a time to be selfish, a time to fall back and collect your thoughts, a time of resurrection.

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