Andria Piperni Releases Inspirational New Single “Above The Clouds”

“You may not see it now , but there’s always sun up above the clouds…” – Andria Piperni “Above The Clouds”

Montreal singer and songwriter Andria Piperni releases a new tune designed to uplift us during these onerous and spirit-stifling times. “Above The Clouds,” listens with a stunning, well-ranged airy execution from Piperni and lyrically floats through ambitious, poetic lines of triumph, resilience and self-assurance amid a phoenix-like rising after the storm of life clears.

Music is the therapeutic entity that carries some of us through heartbreaks, late-nights, parties and tough times. Piperni’s latest offering bathes in music’s restorative powers.

Of the records inception she reflects, “I wrote my single “Above The Clouds” as a reminder to myself that, as hard as it may feel to put yourself out there, as scary and uncertain as the future may seem, pushing through fear will always be worth it.

We need records imbued in positive vibrations and motivation. “Above The Clouds” will inevitably end up on repeat, like smooth Bourbon it needs no chaser. Indulge below and stay tuned for her debut EP Whoโ€™s Counting? set to release in January of 2021.

Writing: Andria Piperni
Production & Mixing: Chris Vincent
Mastering: Jonathan Kasp

More music from Andria Piperni below.

Follow Andria Piperni on social media below.

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