Outgrowing People: Healthy Evolution


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Twitter, the Bible of germane to life quotes, resonates once more with the following tweet by Kelvin, “Growth will have you stepping over things you use to trip on.” As you outgrow people you sprout above their way of thinking, their interests, their ideologies and their life outlook. It means that you are in a constant upward evolution and some people no longer align with your perceptions, your pastimes, your thoughts and your goals – that’s healthy. Outgrowing people isn’t the equivalent to being superior to them but indeed it’s the inexorable division between shedding your old skin and owning your new one. As you grow it’s imperative that you surround yourself by producers, elite individuals that yield superior results. 

The old aphorism, “You are the company you keep,” forever rings true. If you surround yourself by four non-achievers you’ll inevitably be the fifth. However, if you surround yourself by four six-figure earners you could be the fifth with the right level of dedication, financial shrewdness, frugality and self-discipline. 

Do you want to evolve or devolve? 

Evolution requires sacrifice, emotional restraint, a sponge-like learning mentality and a willingness to divorce yourself from those that don’t aid in your betterment mentally, emotional, spiritually or financially. As you grow you can’t turn back to address every broken heart, every lie told to you, every family squabble etc. You have to learn to step over things that used to uproot your spirit and shift your focus. You can’t respond to everything. 

One more time for those in the back.

You can’t respond to everything.

You can’t take time out of your day for fatuous quarrels and energy matches. When you find yourself stooping to your lower levels, remember your goals, remember your hustle, remind yourself of who you are now not who you were then. I’m stepping over enemies in the same Timb’s I could have stomped on them with but now I’m time conscious. Now I can’t turn back to address naysayers because I’m too focused on what’s ahead – that’s growth, that’s adulting, that’s devout personal evolution. You owe it to you to become the best version of you. Outgrow toxic relationships. Outgrow unhealthy habits. Outgrow that pessimistic mindset. Outgrow the influence of negative energy. Keep growing upward, skies the limit.

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