Increase Positive Self-Talk


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How do you talk to yourself? 

It may seem like a redundant question, but we all talk to ourselves; don’t pretend you don’t. Do you speak to yourself with optimism and positivity or pessimism and negativity? Do you tell yourself that your capable of all things, that there’s nothing you can’t achieve, that your beautiful or handsome? Do you encourage yourself daily through positive self-talk or do you speak to yourself in a condescending tone? 

I’m my biggest fan, period. 

If you don’t believe in yourself and encourage yourself daily, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Furthermore, even if others do attempt to encourage you and uplift your talents, it will fall on deaf ears because your not in a position of unapologetic self-love to receive that motivation. I tell myself daily that I am beautiful, intelligent, creative, wealthy, infinite. Positive self-talk is deeper than pure self-confidence. Some people are confident in themselves rather they are good or bad at something. Speaking to yourself as if you are worth the world delves deeper than confidence alone, it plunges into the boundless hemisphere of true self-assurance. There’s no one like you out there and it’s imperative that you acknowledge and believe that. 

There’s power in the art of positive self-talk. Yes, it builds confidence, but it also improves your attitude, promotes deeper self-love, keeps you motivated, encourages you to work through any challenges you may be experiencing and reduces stress. The more you believe in you, the harder it is for someone to penetrate your positive thoughts and replace them with negative ones.

10 Daily Positive Self-Talk Statements

  1. I love you.
  2. I am strong.
  3. I believe in me.
  4. I am in control of my life.
  5. I choose faith over fear.
  6. I am so proud of me.
  7. I am resolute and successful.
  8. I choose to live a healthy, fulfilling and positive lifestyle.
  9. I accept myself unconditionally.
  10. I am enough.

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