Being Broke is a Mindset


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It’s time to accept that being “broke” is an illness of the mind and not the bank account.

Increasing your mental wealth is about surrounding yourself, your mind and your research with the right successful influences.  If you’ve heard of Offset but not Ray Dalio it might be time for a shift, both are successful in their own rights but by two totally different methods and areas of expertise. I would rather follow and educate myself on the mindset, methodologies and wealth patterns of the uber-wealthy instead of idolizing a rapper that has two bust down Rollie’s on the same wrist telling two different times. In my opinion, what’s most tightly knit with wealth is frugality. It’s about making more money than you spend. If you’re comfortable being broke, living paycheck to paycheck, sleeping on couches etc. you don’t think that’s a mental condition more than a monetary moment of less-than?

One more time for those in the back.

If you’re comfortable being broke, living paycheck to paycheck, sleeping on couches etc. you don’t think that’s a mental condition more than a monetary moment of less-than?

If you’ve been broke for years, I’m assuming you like it. Why? Because if you didn’t like it you would change it. You would become resourceful instead of merely whining about how “broke” you are.

Wealth begins with the mind.

Let’s say someone hits the lottery for $5,000,000 and three years later they file for bankruptcy. You hear the news and state, “Damn, that could never be me. I wouldn’t have blown all that money,” but yes you would have if your mind wasn’t ready to receive the wealth. 

You don’t make money by spending it , you make money by investing it. 

Americans, overall, are chronic consumers but the elite of the world are chronic investors. However, most of us are not taught how to invest our money, we are taught to get two jobs, three jobs if we have to but we are not taught how to set up a brokerage account thus as you get older and your mind begins to crave the knowledge of the wealthy it requires a shift in your deep rooted, poverty stricken mentality. It’s an arduous shift that requires years of work, not days or weeks or months but years because for most of your early life you weren’t taught the ways of the wealthy but the journey is worth it. The time put in will be worth it. Instead of praying to God or whatever higher power you believe in, for more money pray for more mental bandwidth so you can shift your thinking from consumer to investor.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You have to be willing to exchange your ignorance for intellect.

You should want various streams of income. Streams, flow. Money that just flows in without the exchange of 40 hours a week is ideal. 160 hours a month is not a flow that’s a blockage, that’s a stop-and-go method of money but an essential one to fund the dream, to fund the investments. Maximize your two week paychecks, don’t squander them on items worth more than your savings. You’re just placing new garments over old ways.

One more time for those in the back.

You’re just placing new garments over old ways.

Gucci and Chanel won’t help you when your student loans start calling. Prada and Dior won’t help you pay off that credit card debt. However , partial stock investments in Amazon or Netflix might help you live debt free and let me also state that the only way to wealth isn’t just through stock investments and options but it’s a great starting place.

Find your starting place, today. Expand your mind and acknowledge that your mental diet is deficient in the areas of wealth. 

Below I’ve included the links to some greats books and YouTube channels to review on wealth, finance and entrepreneurship. You’re worth this investment in your overall understanding of wealth and money growth. Let’s do it!


The Millionaire Next Door

Money Master the Game

The 48 Laws of Power

High Output Management

Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion 

YouTube Channels:

Graham Stephan

Black Excellence Excellist

Sugar Mamma TV

Ryan Scribner

Stephen Spicer

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