3 Habits to Adopt If You Want to be an Entrepreneur


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These are trying and uncertain times. These are the days of soaring unemployment rates, homeless population growth and unspeakable police brutality. These are the months of stock market incertitude and savings depletion. However, these are also times that call for unparalleled creativity and intrepid resourcefulness. The world may be in a bit of a tizzy but there’s no better time than now to start a business, to learn how to invest your money, to learn a new and profitable skill. Adversity is inevitable and your ability to survive that misfortune will determine the flavor of your life. I prefer my life spicy not mild.

Habit #1: Early Rising

Train your body to get up early! It doesn’t have to be 5 a.m but it shouldn’t be 11 a.m either. Get up, get going, get moving, get it done. Somebody is up early getting their money while your dreaming about it, get up. I personally think the world shouldn’t start until noon but I know that’s not realistic. However, I will state that depending on your particular entrepreneurial endeavors, you may rise a little later. For example, if you’re a club promoter, you may have late nights and late mornings. If you’re a forex trader you might trade during the London session (3 a.m) and then sleep in a little later. Obviously, tailor your rising time to your entrepreneurial lifestyle but I believe getting up early, meditating, working out and visualizing the success of your day is imperative. Essentially, get up as early as you can and make each day a productive one.

Habit #2: Develop a Constant-Learning Mentality

One of the best habits to have as an entrepreneur is the sponge-like habit, the person that soaks up all the lessons and knowledge they can. If you have no desire to be an intentional and consistent learner, maybe entrepreneurship isn’t for you and that’s okay. However, in the event that you not only want to be an entrepreneur but a successful one, you must be willing to learn every day, every week, every month, every year because you will never have it all figured out but you can attempt to learn as much as possible about your business area and its many facets. 

Habit #3: Be Unf***witable!

Pardon my French, but please accept that adopting this unf**witable mentality will transform you into an awesome, lucrative, trend-setting, ground-breaking entrepreneur. If you are easily influenced, easily deterred, a person who cares deeply about the opinions of others etc. – don’t become an entrepreneur, do something else. If you don’t believe in you, unequivocally, then nobody else will. People don’t buy your product, or your service, they buy YOU! The person that can sell his or her self has mastered the art of entrepreneurship. 

One more time for those in the back.

The person that can sell his or her self has mastered the art of entrepreneurship. 

If you are easily tainted, you have no business trying to be the CEO. Train your mind for superiority, build that inner and outer confidence, beam with intellect and understanding, be humble, be a constant student of your craft; that’s a Boss, you got this!

Don’t let the world’s attitude determine your mood. You are resolute, resilient and unwilling to just rollover and the let the world have its way with you. Adopt these habits and keep working on becoming the best version of you possible because you make it all possible, it’s your business, your baby, your name on the line. Go get it!

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