Heartbreak Builds Character


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Heartbreak sucks, we can all agree on that. Giving your heart out just for someone to A-Town stomp on it can be demoralizing at best, but on the other side, where the recovery lives, your character is built. Character is defined as the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing, moral or ethical quality. Love tests your morals, your ethics, and the nature of who you are or who you’re becoming.

Love is selfless and sometimes in that selflessness we lose ourselves.

We begin to define who we are as a group entity, as an “us” instead of a “you” and “I.” As we begin to lose our solo-identity our character comes into question because it’s no longer the character of one but the character of two.

As you separate from that other half, as the heartbreak rears its ugly head, you’re faced with a dilemma: who am I now? Who am I post-heartbreak? Who am I without him or her? Who do I want to be now that their gone? Your heart is broken but it’s the picking up of the pieces that builds character. The right kind of lover would’ve made you better along the way thus you might come out stronger, hurt but resilient.

Building character first requires an acknowledgement of the deficiency in your character, in the choices you make, in your spiritual, mental, and emotional balance, in your mannerisms and in your ways. When your heart breaks you begin to question the relationship in its entirety and as you try to recover from the loss you reflect on the good and the bad times, what you could’ve done better, what went wrong, why it went wrong? The “why” is the most crippling of all questions especially if left unanswered. Furthermore, even if the “why” is answered it won’t satisfy you if this is a love you never planned to lose.

Building character from heartbreak means that you experience a full recovery over time and you don’t let the loss taint you negatively.

There’s a lesson in every situation, don’t go crazy trying to find all 159 possible lessons but get to a place of acceptance through character building, through acknowledging your worth, through therapy, through fitness, through healthy outlets.

You can do this, you’re stronger and more resilient than you know.

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