Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Relationship

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It’s sad that I have to write about this but social media is a pandemic all on its own and it can be especially detrimental to relationships, if and only if, you allow it.

I’m not a social media relationship person. I believe that whomever I’m dating or not dating is my business and my business alone. Not posting them on social media would not be indicative of a lack of proudness for my significant other but I don’t personally know 83% of the people that follow me on my social media accounts thus getting too personal with strangers, essentially, is unnecessary, in my opinion. However, if you know most of your followers personally you may deem it appropriate to post your significant other and that’s fine but don’t allow social media to ruin the fabric of your relationship.

Let me elaborate….

People are breaking up over likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook posts. Imagine someone asking you why you and your boo broke up and you state, “He liked some girls post on Instagram.” If it’s that deep, you’re not mature enough for a relationship in the first place. I’m a bit biased because I can appreciate the beauty of women thus if my boo likes a picture of a girl, nine times out of 10 we share the same taste and I’m going to think she’s cute too.

However, if he’s liking every picture, commenting heart emojis and trying to get her attention, that’s a problem for anybody because social-media-cheating is still cheating. But the mere act of him liking a photo is not enough for me to conclude the relationship. Of course, there’s layers right, what did she have on in the photo, is she my friend, did he hop in her DM’s etc. but to spend time arguing with my significant other over social-media-post-liking is extremely redundant.

Social media is just that, being social on a media device therefore, if you don’t want your significant other interacting with women on his social media then you two don’t need to date. Let me also add that this applies to men as well, I’m just speaking from a female perspective. Social media may seem like the Beelzebub of this narrative but the deeper issue is the conspicuous lack of trust and that’s what’s at the root of social media relationship issues – you two don’t trust each other. 

Without trust you have nothing. 

If you feel the need to constantly go through your significant others social media and phone, you do not trust that person, period. Furthermore, nine times out of 10 you’re going to find something on his or her phone that you don’t like. Why are you fishing for disappointments? Do you really want to be in that relationship? Are you happy with that person? Do you love that person enough to trust their actions and intentions? Probably not, just leave, but don’t blame social media for your relationships undoing. Dig deeper, it’s the lack of trust that carried your relationship to the morgue not the social media nuances alone. Stop subsisting in shallow relationships, dive deep into your significant other, get to know their soul and their spirit. Once you do that social media will be child’s play. 

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