True Wealth = Time Freedom!

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We typically equate wealth with financial affluence. 

We believe that six and seven figures determines a person’s wealth status versus truly delving into how they make their money and if that money gifts them time freedom or sucks up all their time entirely. When I think of wealthy people, I am not referring to their bank accounts, only. 

True wealth is living life on your own terms and owning your time. 

I could make $800,000 a year but if I spend over 70 hours a week working, am I truly wealthy? For me, no. I am not wealthy because my time is being ripped from me, constantly. Until I control my time, I truly have no control at all, in my opinion, of course. However, let me also state, that on the road to building your wealth, learning new skills, sharpening your mind etc. you are going to have some 70 hour weeks but that can’t be a lifelong lifestyle while in the same breath being a true life of wealth without the time and memories to make it rich. Do you get what I’m saying? There are millions of people in the world making “good” money but they’re also miserable because they have no time to enjoy that money, to create memories, to vacation with their family etc. Some people believe that wealthy people are so happy when all the while their shackled to their jobs, instead of married to their true passions. Furthermore, true wealth is loving what you do instead of merely doing what you have to do.

One more time for those in the back.

True wealth is loving what you do instead of merely doing what you have to do.

Dedicating your life to doing what you have to do instead of bathing in your passions, makes life mundane at best and stressful on the other side of that displeasure. 

Most of you are probably thinking, “I’d rather be wealthy with no time than broke with all the time in the world,” and that may seem like the right dichotomy of “mo-money-mo-problems.” 

However, if you’ve figured out how to become financially wealthy and in the midst of that haven’t figured out how to earn passive income, you’ve failed at an imperative aspect of true financial wealth. If you don’t figure out how to make your money work for you but only how to work for your money, you’ve missed a vital lesson. We have access to robust amounts of information. Don’t be lazy. Learn how to invest your money. Learn how to trade. Start that business! Write that book! Start that YouTube channel etc.! The average millionaire has SEVEN stream of income, seven! Go for it, decide today that you are on a journey to owning your time!

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