How Well Are You Adulting?

2020, what a year! As it comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on how this year went for you. How strong are you in the face of adversity? How resilient are you? How’s your faith? How’s your mind and body? How are you? Don’t say, “I’m doing okay,” be honest with yourself. Most of my readers are adults. Did adulting kick you’re a** this year? Did you let it? Did you become dependent in the midst of your potential personal and financial strife?

I understand what it’s like to fall on hard times but I don’t understand what it’s like to stay there.

I grew up black and in essence, for me, that means that I grew up unprepared. I grew up hearing the , “We can’t afford that,” and “Not this Christmas baby,” but I never understood the “why” behind the “no’s.” I grew up completely financially illiterate and yes, I had responsibilities with my siblings which later translated into me becoming a rather responsible adult but I wasn’t always a self-sufficient adult. I wanted to live life without the aid of the government. What about you? Dependency isn’t sexy, but independence – that’s one bad mofo. I take pride in the independence I have now but, how did I get there – sacrifice, determination and education. 

You only know what you know, so increase what you know. 

Adulting is bigger than bills paid, having your own place and owning a car. It’s about being emotionally, financially, mentally and physically responsible for all aspects of your life, all of which require extreme, devout discipline. You can’t be a successful, undisciplined adult – it’s not possible. Adulting is hard, especially when you weren’t prepared for its realities but hold yourself accountable, be intentional with your days, provide structure for yourself, learn more, do more. You can achieve whatever you desire, if you believe it’s possible. This year has been one for the books but it’s a year of trials and tribulations and through those moments you should’ve learned something that you can take with you into 2021. 

What has this year taught you?

It’s taught me that I’m replaceable. It’s taught me the importance of frugality and honing lucrative skills. It’s taught me how to be more disciplined. I’ve restored my faith. I’ve taken ample time out to focus on strengthening my body and my mind. I meditate now. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m grateful for this year and I’m proud of the adult I’ve become. 

Stop sleeping with your excuses and start waking up to your new found freedom, the freedom of knowing better and doing better. Go be your very best!

If you found this article helpful, insightful or just plain old necessary please share and repost – it’s free and I’d gladly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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